A new series: The countdown to the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2017 in Montréal

I’m so excited. Starting in June, my past meets my present. It’s then I will get to combine my love of gymnastics, travel and writing for a series of brief blog posts based on famous Montréal landmarks.

This series will be part of the countdown toward the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2017, which will be held October 2-8 in Montréal. The posts will be featured on the Championships site here and on my site of course, titled: Countdown to Montréal: followed by the landmark.

For those who don’t know, I am a former national level gymnast. From what I recall, I maybe never shared that before on here. I do have an excuse as I have been retired now 21 years, so I guess it’s been a while. Gymnastics was certainly my form of happiness for many, many years.

Anyhow, this is a sport I’ve always held close to my heart so I’m ecstatic to write about all the excitement leading up to Montréal Worlds. What a fantastic location for the event! Keep your eyes peeled for the new series …

Once upon a time, I could fly ...

Once upon a time, I could fly …

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6 thoughts on “A new series: The countdown to the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2017 in Montréal
  1. Montreal! Gymnastics! It reminds me of the very first Olympics I watched: the 1976 Olympic Winter Games in Montreal where Nadia Comăneci stole my heart–all of our hearts. How fun to learn you were a gymnast and that you get to do this gymnastics-related gig. Have fun!

    • Jenn Smith Nelson on said:

      Thanks! Wait til you read about my uncanny connections to that exact moment in time Lisa (hint: it will be in my first official post!)

  2. i actually turned the computer sideways to see your face….you talented talented athlete! This will be a fun project for you….enjoy!

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