Who is JSN?
A dreamer chasing experiences that create joy, gratitude and wisdom. An explorer, yet passionate lover of home. A mom who hopes through travel, her children will gain an unquenchable thirst for adventure, empathy for all things big and small, and the confidence to one day, venture independently. A wildlife lover and advocate. Another soul on a happiness mission.

Currently involved in a deep love affair with Canada.

Why Travel & Happiness?
My history linking travel and happiness can be read here, post one the new site since changing over from Travellinlady.

It’s of course no secret that many people find happiness through travel. Some, like me find themselves again and go on the hunt for new experiences in pursuit of more happiness. Others experience new-found open mindedness and a sense of how small we are only to adjust their home life, living more fully. And through travel many gain an appetite to seek out things which knowingly make them happy such as adventure, sights, flavours and cuisine, history, art, culture and so on.

So by no means am I suggesting the connection is a new concept. It’s just simply one that means something to me and allows for this blog to share broader perspectives.

I plan on sharing the ‘happy’ whether it be through people, places or experiences. I will also be posting about my journey – where I have been making happiness a priority. I still have a long way to go but all my sign posts keep guiding me down this crazy unknown track. I am trusting it.

I am not however here to criticize or endlessly complain – there plenty of other blogs that pride themselves on that. And quite frankly I am not very good at it. Rather, my aim is to talk about the bright side. Call me a cheerleader. Call me an optimist. I don’t really care. This doesn’t mean I am going to glam up every post or praise every place. It just means I will not dwell into super negativity. If something needs to be mentioned, it will be.

I am a part time traveler, a full time mom and a lifelong dreamer. Many say that to be a committed travel writer you must go full time. Even though my kids travel with me a lot, full time travel is not achievable at the moment. I also disagree that it is a must and think as long as the content is good and people find value in what you do, you are succeeding. Will I ever live off an income from travel writing alone? No, this is just not realistic nor is it my only focus and that’s OK.

So if you have gotten down this far, I am glad you are here and hope you enjoy the new site. Thanks for stopping by.