Infographic: Connections between travel and happiness

I love coming across testaments to why and how travel is important to happiness. A survey asking respondents about how travel factors into their happiness was done in early 2013 e by G Adventures, with the aim being to draw the connection between travel and happiness. Read on! →

And Edie makes four – my Fairmont Canine Ambassador Dog Quest

First there was Monte, then the Vancouver super duo Mavis and Beau. Now, Edie makes four. Four Fairmont Ambassador Dogs since last September. At this rate, I may have the chance to meet them all – which is precisely what Read on! →

Six ingredients needed to make it in Vancouver’s feisty food truck scene

In January I had the opportunity to take part in the World’s Best Food Truck tour in downtown Vancouver. Quick immersion into this bustling industry got me thinking about what it takes to make it in the Vancouver food truck Read on! →