Hard times, big hearts in Uganda

Today the story of the Candian Co-operative Association’s international development work and highlights from my own personal adventure were the subject of an article in local paper, the Leader-Post. Many thanks to the Leader-Post and to Will Chabun for sharing this (and to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix for adding it to your paper).

Uganda article LP

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6 thoughts on “Hard times, big hearts in Uganda
  1. Thank-you for all your efforts in Uganda, Jennifer. I was excited to read the story about you in the LeaderPost, and the obvious impact you had on the Ugandans. I am proud of you.
    Happy New Year,
    Pieter McNair

  2. Fred Townley-McKay on said:

    Great article, Jennifer, and good work. You have captured very clearly my observations of the Ugandan people….a very dedicated and hard-working people.

    All the best….

    Fred Townley-McKay

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