Tips for Travel and Happiness: Travel slow

Monthly tips dedicated to helping you find the happy in travel.

This is the time to take it all in. You have arrived.

The moment you have been dreaming about is now here and there’s a zillion different things you could do, places you could visit and restaurants to discover. It’s also the best time ever to take a deep breath. Inhale in the new.

Relish the moments.

Walk where you can.

Look around.

Stop a lot.

Slow travel will lead you to a more gratifying experience over rushing from place to place in order to ‘see it all’ – guaranteed.

If you don’t get everything done on your ‘mental bucket list’, you can always go back. In fact, that gives you the perfect reason for a repeat return to a destination. You can never really see all there is to see in one visit.

Thank you Tammy Robert who shared via twitter (@tammyrobert): “I don’t try and see everything, and take the time to enjoy what I do take in. Life is long – I’ll come back.”

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