Wildlife Wednesday: Polar Bears of Churchill Manitoba

I can hardly believe that I was able to view polar bears in the wild. It was most sincerely, a dream come true.

While the closest I got was 75 meters away, to a mother and her cub, the bears of Churchill were easily visible during my first visit to the region two weeks ago, aka the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’.

Though easy to spot, they were pretty inactive as they were in what is known as ‘walking hibernation’ – very unlike what they would be during the peak bear season in October and November. In fact, most of the time they didn’t bother to stir as we peered onward. In total, I saw 15 bears over the course of my five days in Churchill.

Here are a few of the shots I managed to get. I wish they were sharper but they were just out of range. If you click on the image, it is clearer. I am not sure why this is the case as it started about two weeks ago. If anyone knows what the issue is, feel free to enlighten me.

Many more stories on Churchill (especially on some amazing beluga whale experiences) to follow soon …

Polar Bear Mom and Cub Churchill Manitoba

Polar Bear Churchill Manitoba

Polar Bear Churchill Manitoba

Polar Bear Churchill Manitoba

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5 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Polar Bears of Churchill Manitoba
    • Jenn Smith Nelson on said:

      Haha Carol! Yes we did. I haven’t even been able to write about the incredible beluga experiences yet. Wow, that was special!

    • Jenn Smith Nelson on said:

      Yes, with their landscape slowly disappearing, they are in trouble.

      I hope that you do one day have the chance to view them in their natural habitat Vernon.

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