Quiz your knowledge of Canada’s national parks and enter to win!

I may have found a new passion! Recently, I had the pleasure of developing this quiz for Canadian Geographic on Canada’s Protected Places. I really enjoyed the process and was so inspired by the content that I thought it may be fun to do one for my blog. Just call me, ‘Miss Quiz Maker.’ Really I don’t mind.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the quiz topic is Canada’s amazing national parks. I tend to boast about them fairly often as they are quite simply, incredible! Devoted to conservation, education and protection of truly outstanding natural spaces, they offer amazing opportunities for learning, adventure, exploration and wildlife viewing!

Torngat Mountains National Park Canada's National Parks Jenn Smith Nelson

Me at Torngat Mountains National Park

I’m happy to share that I’ve partnered with the generous folks at Parks Canada to make this quiz a giveaway!

It’s easy to enter …

Simply answer the quiz and submit your email, and you will be entered to win 1 (one) 12-month Parks Canada Family/Group Discover Pass ($136.40 value). This pass will provide unlimited admission from June 2019-June 2020 to over 80 Parks Canada places. You must answer all of the questions, however your score does not matter. Bonus: you can enter as many times as you wish!

The contest runs May 8, 2019 and closes May 24, 2019!

So how much do you know about Canada’s national parks?

Take the quiz and find out. Don’t forget to enter your email to win! Best of luck to you!

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Thank you to Parks Canada for partnering with me and supplying an awesome giveaway!

Let me know how you did! Was this quiz too hard, too easy? What is your favourite national park in Canada?