Who is JSN?
A dreamer chasing experiences that create joy, gratitude and wisdom. An explorer, yet passionate lover of home. A mom who hopes through travel, her children will gain an unquenchable thirst for adventure, empathy for all things big and small, and the confidence to one day, venture independently. A wildlife lover and advocate. Another soul on a happiness mission.

Currently involved in a deep love affair with Canada and working to encourage others to play in their own back yard.

Ok, so that is the nice writerly version of me.

BUT If you want me to drill down further or learn about some of my quirky nuances, let’s meet for coffee, or you can just read the following, the REAL DEAL — in the raw:

It’s true I’m a dreamer. And a doer. I’m aware most often these two don’t go together. But I excel at both.

I’m easily excited. By many things. Yes, squirrels do grab my attention. But so does the smell of mountain air, walking through prairie grasses, seeing a fox dash, chatting with good company and much, much more.

Sometimes it’s all about the quiet time too. Meditation is where it’s at.

I love a lot. And I love wholly. I am into flow.

Obviously I can live with fragmented sentences. Otherwise I’m a stickler for spelling.

I’m fun. I like to laugh, dance and am really passionate. About a few things. Yes, squirrels, but mostly, I adore my two sons.

I have a slight obsession with birds – ok it could be borderline unhealthy but whatcha gonna do about it?

I could live in a forest if I didn’t love the darn prairies so much.

I love taking pictures, especially of birds. And squirrels. And my sons. And my dogs. Pretty much anything moving. Or not. OK I’m not picky. I just love taking images.

I have an insatiable need to create. It’s that or bust.

I enjoy driving on gravel back roads.

A great pint of beer can make my day.

I like telling stories. And reading narratives.

Travel floats my boat, as does learning and meeting new people. Especially fun people. Ones who like me and my crazy bird talkin’, squirrel gawkin’, fun lovin’ nature.

I can be quite competitive, but mostly with myself.

I am overly empathetic.

I am both yin and yang. And that is OK. I embrace that I’m different.

I like evolving. And I am really learning to love me. For me.

I am a student of happiness.

There now you know most everything about me. Maybe a smidge TMI. But really, I could care less. That’s me in a nutshell.