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Announcing Regina’s first Instameet

I am especially excited to share the news that I am part of a wonderful team that is currently hard at work putting together all the details for Regina’s first Instameet.

Years ago, I had the vision (and smarts) to snag the @instameetyqr handle with super good intentions of creating an event then. It didn’t happen due to time constraints but now it seems all the puzzle pieces are falling into place.

It just so happens that I learned fab local photogs Dustin Veitch (@faultyflipflap) and Herry  H. ( – photo credit for this beautiful header/IG image below goes to this super talent!) were also keen to put an Instameet for the city together.

Sweet serendipity occured and we formed our small and mighty committee, well rounded out by the talented Tashia Walters @tashiawalters. Don’t be shy – go say hello – and give these fine folks a follow on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed!


So what is an Instameet?

An Instameet is a walking tour where everyone from Instagram enthusiasts to photographers (of all ages and skill level) to city lovers come together to meet new people, share opinions, tips and experiences related to Instagram. During the tour, the point is to take pictures then upload them to Instagram. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people, learn some new skills and promote a destination.

The goal is to bring Regina’s (and surrounding area) IG community together; one that has been slowly building in our city.

What you need to know.

It’s important to know that to come along and take part that you don’t have to have an actual camera, or be a proper photographer. The beauty of an Instameet is it’s open to everyone interested in taking photos. And it really is a great opportunity to learn for not only beginners, but for each and everyone of us.

There will also be some sweet free giveaways! So we hope you will show your support to help make this a successful event. We have already secured some local sponsorship and prizes.

So, if you are interested, be sure to follow along on Instagram at @instameetyqr. As the event details become finalized, we will share them there. I will also try to post here too. The tentative time frame is slated for mid-late August.

You are also more than welcome to ask me any questions (or my fellow committee members) here on the blog, or feel free to reach out to us on our IG accounts. If you want to take part and have ideas for how we can make this event shine, please reach out.



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