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Countdown to Montréal: Olympic Stadium

StadeOlympique copy

Olympic Stadium – original sketch by Anne-Julie Dudemaine

History has been made many times over at Montreal’s illustrious Olympic Stadium or “The Big Owe” as it’s lovingly referred to, thanks to distinctive bagel shape (as a Montréaler would surely say) and reference to the 1976 Olympics. The celebrated stadium designed by French architect Roger Taillibert, has hosted more than 67 million visitors and a variety of events big and small. The unique structure also includes the connected Montreal Tower, which rises 165 metres at a 45-degree angle and can be seen from multiple city vantage points.

It was an exceptional moment in time, July of 1976, when Montreal hosted the XXI Olympic games, the first Olympics ever within Canada. It was also during this month when the inauguration of the iconic Olympic Stadium happened and Romanian-born gymnast Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10. Coincidentally, I was born that July and would follow the footsteps of the celebrated gymnast thanks to the gymnastics centre, which opened that very month in my hometown. I like to think it’s all connected.


Image by Dory Dynna

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