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Going under the knife

It’s official. I have decided its time to go under the knife. The website knife that is. Well, I may also get my nose fixed while I am at it. But that would be a story best fit for another blog post – one perhaps that would fit better within a new site. So that’s the plan – a new look, a new site.

So why the facelift?
The new site will be prettier. And better take advantage of the fact that I never put my camera down — which basically means it will be more visually pleasing!

But it’s really about more than looks …

The thing is I LOVE to write about travel … AND family and being active and dogs and birds, etc, etc., you get my drift right? Sometimes they co-exist nicely and sometimes not so much. That is why I will be switching stuff up. Really, I feel I just have more to share with you and it would be confusing if I were sharing it here without explanation.

Believe me when I say it hasn’t gone without thoughtful consideration, consultation, annoying back and forth’s and too many humms and haws. My decision is final and now that I have shared it with you all – it’s public. So I am stuck with it.

No turning back now!

The main focus of my blog will still be travel but there will be other sections and categories. I figure that way I have an online outlet that is in one place – to do all my blogging and post more of my pictures. And man I have been dying to share some dog photos with you.

So where is the Travellinlady going? Well, she is not really going anywhere. But, her site will be going by a new name. The site url will change once it is redone. It will be Easy peasy.

Over the coming weeks you may notice the transition to travelandhappiness. It will start with my social media channels and end with my site launch. I am aiming for before the end of the year to have it live so wish me luck! And please if there is anything you want to see more or less of, I would appreciate your feedback! Cheers,

~ Jenn (Smith Nelson)

6 thoughts on “Going under the knife
  1. Wendy Butler on said:

    Yeah! More dog photos!!!! I think that sometimes we put limits on ourself- no matter what name you go by- I like to hear…..and especially see what you are up too! Can’t wait for more of your adventures!

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