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Need a reason to believe? Listen to your stomach.

No I am not talking about the growling going on below. What I am referring to is that three letter word that women often ignore or are told doesn’t really exist. Their G-U-T  feelings. Intuition is a gift that sets women apart from men and more often than not, they tend to push intuitive thoughts out of their mind and pass them off as simple inexplicable feelings.

Gut feelings are instinctual and can be quick and intense. Whether it is the mother that awakes in the middle of night to come to the aid of their child, who needed them; a women who knowingly chooses to make a whip smart decision without rhyme or reason, or the wife who suspects a cheating spouse; the common thread women share is that ability to nearly foresee something or make a choice based on a feeling.

What is most interesting (to me at least) is that these strong feelings or sensations can literally be felt in the gut and are for the most part unexplainable. We can’t explain things but we are sure we know them to be true. Jung defined intuition as “perception via the unconscious”: using sense-perception only as a starting point, to bring forth ideas, images, possibilities, ways out of a blocked situation, by a process that is mostly unconscious.

Something in that unconscious of ours urges us to make a decision, think twice about something or even hold us back. These feelings that feel a lot like butterflies may be housed in the stomach but that is merely a result of signals that originated from our brain.

There are the sceptics though. Dr. William Ickes, author of Everyday Mind Reading suggests that women don’t have mystical intuitive powers but they do tend to try harder to have what he calls “empathetic ability” upon motivation. I tend to respectfully disagree.

Ickes tested both genders to try and understand these types of abilities but I think he missed the point. Intuition isn’t forced. It’s felt or reactionary, and I would argue that it is more or less unpredictable. I would also guess that perhaps not all women experience gut feelings; and I am sure that among those that do, there are varying degrees of intensity.

Call it my gut feeling but I think that is men simply don’t want to admit that women may have the upper hand when it comes to instantaneous thinking. It exists, ask any women what it feels like and they will describe it in an eerily consistent manner.

Honestly speaking, decisive isn’t the first word that comes to mind when I think of men. For the most part, they do tend to always weigh out everything decision, nearly to death. This admittedly, sometimes can be good for us. Just don’t repeat that to my husband. Ok, so maybe sometimes we can be irrational but that doesn’t mean our guts don’t frequently properly guide us to making the right decisions.

So next time that you are having feelings of doubt from an overwhelmingly sensitized spot below, if the situation allows, listen to it and get better at listening to that little voice telling you what you really think. It just may have something to say.

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