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The coolest thing that has happened to me as a travel writer

It can be said that there are many cool aspects and perks to being a travel writer/photographer. Sometimes we get to explore exciting destinations, meet incredibly interesting people, learn about other cultures, try new and exotic food and drinks, stay in places we would have never imagined and live out many adventures some (including us) have only dreamed of.

Of course on the flip side of that is the work. The planning, the conceptualizing, the frantic pace, the pitching, the recovery from rejection of unsuccessful pitching, the writing, the editing and so on! But for those of us who thrive on the ability to tell the stories of travel we feel the need to just keep on keeping on. Even if we live paycheck to paycheck or aren’t sure when we are going to get a paycheck! After all, that is where happiness (in its various forms) is derived from for many of us.

And, when we succeed in drawing attention to a destination that we truly have enjoyed – is where all the starts align. On a recent trip to Pine Island Resort in Northern Saskatchewan, I was beyond humbled to receive the honour of having a Bay named after me. I was told this was in appreciation for me being there, doing my job. Those are the days where I realize how truly fortunate I am to be able to do what I do and meet who I meet.

I only wish I had the perfect gift to reciprocate as it was truly my pleasure to experience the destination but I was fresh out of Bays.

So, yes it’s official – I have a freaking bay named after me! It was gifted to me by the most generous and hospitable folks I have ever met – Bart and Vickie Bricksaw who run the resort and who also constantly remind (and support) me to keep on the path!

I chose the name Jenn’s Bay at Skull Pointe and I even got to choose my bay! It was a no-brainer for me. The name was inspired by the Bay where I snapped a flukey photo with an insane skull reflection. An added bonus – it’s easy to find as its near the cliffs where you can find rock paintings 100’s of years old!

My Bay!

Jenn's Bay at Skull Pointe

This is now Jenn’s Bay at Skull Pointe!

Look for the rock paintings!


The official proof!

Map with Jenn's Bay noted

And, although this looks like this official proof could have been doctored by anyone – it was indeed from the owners of the resort. What authority do they have to grant me a Bay? Is it really official? What does it really all mean?

It doesn’t matter! It’s the thought that counts!

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