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Baby grackles and their 10/10 cute factor

For those bird obsessed types like me out there don’t judge.

You may love your warblers (I do too).

You may love your shorebirds (I do too).

You may even love your raptors (I do too).

More than likely though, you may not have much love for grackles, but it’s ok not many birders do – I however, have more than enough love to go around.

My mad love for grackles isn’t going anywhere soon. Just when I thought I couldn’t love them any more I came across baby grackles.

Baby Grackle 1

Look at those fuzzy hairs atop his head. How can you not fall in love?

Needless to say I couldn’t tear myself away from them, especially this one. Here are a few of my favourite shots of the fuzzy headed birdie baby.

Baby Grackle 2

Hairs blowin in the breeze.

Baby Grackle 3

Cute factor – 10/10 for me!

Baby Grackle 4

Soon enough this baby will be full grown and have a beautiful grackle sheen.

So what’s the verdict? Can you find love in your heart for these cute babies?

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