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Countdown to Montréal: Habitat 67 – Moshe Safdie’s residential landmark

habitat_67It started as a pilot project for Israeli/Canadian architect Moshe Safdie but once created, Habitat 67 became an instant architectural landmark. The buildings were the subject of Safdie’s master thesis and built as one of the 90 pavilions for Montréal’s city fair, Expo 67 where housing was a theme for the event.

Now serving as residential units, Habitat 67 sits next to the Saint Lawrence river on Cité du Havre, a man-made peninsula offering panoramic views of the city, river and more.

Undoubtedly one of the city’s (and Canada’s) most recognized buildings, its identical prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations create over 100 varied sized residences. With minimal and modern interlocking forms, connected walkways, adjacent gardens and suspended terraces, it redefined the urban living experience.

Safdie has been touted as both visionary and trailblazer. Habitat 67 has been praised from around the world since its construction and remains a marvel today.

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