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Countdown to Montréal: Magnificent Mont Royal


Mont Royal absolutely tops the list as my favourite place to visit while in Montréal. Why? Because there are simply so many ways to enjoy it. Its best enjoyed however by locals and visitors who love to run or hike the top to take in the view and a breath of fresh air.

Offering divine city views via three peaks: Colline de la Croix (the highest at 233 metres), Colline d’Outremont and Westmount summit, it’s easy to see how Montréal revolves around this small mountain created by volcanic intrusion.

However you find your way up (there are several trails), it’s the perfect way to combine exercise and enjoy the prominent landmark that apparently was first scaled by Jacques Cartier. (I even did yoga up top once!)

I’ll never forget my first time at Mont Royal. It was on a Sunday when I took in a free festival near the Sir George-Etienne monument called Les Tam-Tams du Mont Royal (aka the Tam Tam Jam). Since the 70’s, this festival has gathered the masses including drummers whose circles provide earthy beats, dancers, street vendors and the appreciative public.



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