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Discovering Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park

Last August, I finally made my way to Grasslands National Park with my kids in tow. I’ve written about the tremendous experience for a couple of publications, namely Prairies North and the Toronto Star. The latter has yet to be published but for those interested in the park or reading my articles on them, here is the first of the two. Enjoy.

Grasslands Natioanl Park Sky Jenn Smith Nelson

Spin and take in the 360 degree views where colours paint a dancing sky against a stunning prairie backdrop.

I can go anytime. It’s in my backyard, practically …

That was my silly excuse for holding off as long as I did when it came down to visiting Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan. Over years of travelling the province up and down, the country back and forth, I put it off for some reason. It thought it was because I lived less than four hours away from in. In hindsight, maybe it was because I knew I needed the time to explore it, the time to focus, the right time. But I now know, there is never a right time, there is only now.

Read the full article here. 

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