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Do you know How to Banff?

Ok, I cannot help but tell you about and share this adorable video series created by my friends over at The Real Banff.

Meet the characters: Bruno the Bear, Peyto Porcupine and McCardell Moose.

An almost perfect all star cast in my opinion that would only be made better by the addition of a squirrel. 😉

But what it lacks in squirrel charm, it makes up for in hilarity and lessons. These three well-meaning friends aim to teach folks ‘How to Banff’ but end up actually revealing ‘How NOT to Banff’ (this is where you introduce your children to my blog to watch these videos – as they will definitely get a kick out of them!).

From tubing to hot tubbing to ski safety, these fun loving critters are sure to entertain your little ones (and I promise you will share a giggle alongside them as well).

Have a peek at the episode on Tubing:

Find all the episodes on and heck, follow this blog if you love all things Banff. You won’t regret it.

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