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Event site aims to make finding city events easy

I want to share a new event website with you that a local Reginan friend created and shared with me,


Right now the site which points users to events happening in their cities is currently up and running for Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary, with Edmonton coming next week An anticipated launch to other major Canadian cities is slated for later this year.

So why am I sharing this? Because I think it’s cool and I like the focus of the site (events only). Plus I find it really easy to navigate. There is more than one way to search for specific events like by date or event type preference. I also really enjoy the ability to ‘pick’ events to add them to my own personal calendar(s) and the opportunity to create and advertise events. Plus, the services the site offers are free. Can’t go wrong with free.

Additionally, the layout is aesthetically pleasing and maybe its just me but I like a visual reference that accompany event descriptions. I was acutally pleasantly surprised to see some of the great and diverse listings happening in my own city.

Check it out and see what’s happening near you!

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