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Fairmont hotels and resorts just get ‘dog people’

“Where’s Monte?” I asked excitedly as I enter the insanely stunning lobby of the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. I pause for a minute to take in my surroundings and continue to skim the room for the three year old golden retriever. The massive fireplace commands my attention and I immediately assume (which would later be confirmed when I made it up to my suite) that I am in some sort of glorious castle – cabin hybrid.

Le Chateau Montebello Lobby

The Fairmont Montebello lobby has the most impressive fireplace I have ever seen!
Photo courtesy of the Fairmont Montebello

My room at the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebelloe

The room blew my expectations out of the water. Rustic chic meets high end luxury.

His house! I see it. Now where is he? I continue to scan nervously.

Montes doghouse

Monte’s doghouse

Perhaps it’s a hotel perk that matters more to me that most. But I am sure that most dog lovers would appreciate the fact that Fairmont hotels & resorts ensure their guests have access to doses of unconditional love as soon as they arrive. I for one think this is a brilliant offering.

Through their canine ambassador program, guests who are missing the companionship of beloved pets can hang out with the hotel’s ambassador dog and even take them for a walk. In fact, the Fairmont Montebello is the perfect place for a stroll. The grounds behind the property are so lovely, especially during the fall as the leaves turn.


Anyhow, back to Monte. “He was just here”, says Nathalie Beauchamp, Fairmont Montebello’s Director of Sales and Marketing as she warmly welcomes us to the hotel and then promises to go find him. “He’s been expecting you,” she says referring to an exchange of excited tweets I shared with the hotel days prior.

I ask what the chances are Monte can stay in my room with me and she quickly confides, “slim to none”. It turns out Monte would be off work in ten minutes and headed home with the General Manager. Oh well, it was worth a try.

I know it must sound silly. Here I am in this insanely gorgeous Outaouais region in Quebec, at the most amazing hotel and all I could think about was seeing their dog. Maybe I am crazy. But the moment that furry four legged pooch strutted toward me in the lobby, it all just felt so right!

Then the moment arrives … Monte love!

Me and Monte

Dog love. Me and Monte share a moment.

Monte was everything I had hoped for – gentle, sweet and cuddly. He let me love on him before he had to punch the old time card for the day and head home. I wanted to hang out with him longer but as he strutted around with his leash in his mouth I realized he was ready for home time.


Monte ready to go!

I would however get in a few more snuggles before leaving in the morning.


Goodbye snuggles with Monte

Thanks so much to the Fairmont Montebello for ensuring I didn’t miss my Monte time and for the great hospitality. It’s services like this that make me want to return to a property. It’s safe to say the Fairmont Montebello offers a whole ton more than their canine ambassador program but this simple gesture will bring me back again – Fairmont customer for life.

Read more about the Fairmont ambassador dog’s stories here.


Today’s question
Isn’t this a cool feature for hotels? Do you miss your pets when you travel? I certainly do!

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