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Holy frijoles, I pledge my lunch to thee

I have to admit I have severe taco envy. Saskatoon has at least three decent Mexican restaurants to choose from and Regina, well … has seen a lot come and go and as of now, we have two decent yet seasonal street food choices.

Enter in Salsa Fresca taco truck. Seeing as they must have esp – continually taunting me with their inviting tweets, I had to check it out. I was optimistic but at the same time skeptical. Could I really find a good taco?

As I walked up to the cute red trailer (not so much a truck) conveniently parked adjacent to Victoria Park, I became instantly and ravenously hungry. I love me a good taco. I was in luck. They specialize in – you guessed it, tacos! At $4.50 a pop I was hoping they it was at least worth it. I am happy to report it was.

I chose the frijoles – simple beans and cheese. Not only was it tasty, it

tasted authentic, which for my Mexican obsessed palette, is an absolutely necessity.

The Salsa Fresca taco truck can be found in downtown Regina Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (11:30 – 1:30). Happy to see Regina’s downtown lunch choices are gaining in variety.

Give them a follow on Twitter @SalsaFrescaTaco, but more importantly, check it out, it left me wanting more.

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