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My #bestnine2017 images via Instagram

I’m happy to share with you my #bestnine2017 images according to my Instagram following.

With 8/9 images showcasing my home, it speaks volumes to the beauty found right here in Saskatchewan. Grand skies, crazy weather, incredible landscapes and wildlife were common threads found throughout my 2017 images.

Later this month, I’ll showcase my favorite 10 images or so from the year.

A huge thank you to all of my Instagram followers who follow along @jennsmithnelson and hit the images below with the little red heart! Happy New Year to you all!

Image 1

This image was take while on a field trip with my son. It was near Wascana Trails, not far from Regina, Saskatchewan. This was probably my favorite image I shot in 2017 and I was humbled by a local artist who asked to paint it. She did an incredible job (the image of the painting can be found on my IG page).

Image 2

There’s so much beauty to be found, even in menacing skies. A moody storm rolled in on the north outskirts of town and I was in the right place at the right time.

Image 3

During vacation with my sons in Southwest Saskatchewan, my oldest son Finnigan snapped this photo of me wandering through the wheat.

Image 4

The only out of province shot that made the top #9 this year. This image was taken from a floatplane on a trip between Port Hardy and the Great Bear Rainforest, in beautiful British Columbia.

Image 5

Not far from my house is my favourite road. One summer night, I beelined for it just as a prairie storm descended upon the horizon. I think you’ll agree, it made for a glorious backdrop.

Image 6

A simple image taken from my deck – a stunning late winter sunset.

Image 7

Another winter sunset. The bright side to a cold home? Insanely beautiful winter skies. Taken within the city of Regina.

Image 8

Deep winter blues roadside, near Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Saskatchewan.

Image 9

I made a new backyard friend; a beautiful great horned owl took up residence in my tree for the better part of a day. I sure hope it comes back to visit in 2018!

2 thoughts on “My #bestnine2017 images via Instagram
  1. Sharon Harriage on said:

    All beautiful photos Jenn. We might have to put Saskatchewan on the list for our next Canada trip. All the best for 2018.

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