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My love for grackles and why it all makes sudden sense

So, this is kind of interesting, at least to me. While doing some bird research I stumbled upon a note about grackles. For anyone that knows me, I have had an odd fascination with these birds for some time now.

We have many grackle visitors in the back yard during the spring-fall seasons and I sometimes can’t help but love spending time watching them. They have beautiful plumage and a simply radiant sheen if you get close enough to them. When I chat with bird enthusiasts about my  love for these birds, it is most definitely not well received. In fact, they have nothing nice to say.

They scare all the other birds away!

They are a nuisance!

Mmm, I never seem to see what others see in these birds. We still have many other types of birds in the yard and I don’t find them a nuisance at all.

Anyhow, regardless of what others say about my bird friends, I feel a connection to them. When I came across this grackle write up it made sense to me in more than one way. It said:

Grackle – Grackles are very happy birds that look past the emotional turmoil and find joy in the smallest of things. Black is the color of the inner and the feminine and the purple and bronze coloring about the head especially usually indicates that emotions are coloring the thinking process. Situations are not always what they appear to be; particularly when dealing with emotions. Emotions that are not dealt with can even go on to produce physical congestion in the body. Grackles love to live in pine trees and the essence of pine can be used to help alleviate strong emotional states, particularly feelings of guilt. The grackle showing up is a sign that it is time to clear away emotional congestion and to deal with your emotions.

So that is why they visit me so often – must be trying to get me to deal with stuff. Point taken. Hope they keep coming by though to keep me in check! I feel I may be grackle like in spirit too – finding joy in small things. Or medium, grackle sized things at least.

Excerpt taken from:

For more beautiful grackle images – click here.
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24 thoughts on “My love for grackles and why it all makes sudden sense
  1. I too have a fascination with grackles! They are beautiful, delightfully obnoxious, cocky, and very intelligent. I have had several friends get a close “fly-by” – the kind of thing grackles love to do to get noticed! So glad to come across this post!

  2. I googled “I love grackles” hoping I would find people who appreciates these birds too. I love them for their iridescence, and intelligence. They’re sophisticated birds, if you watch them when you’re close by, they may act differently (especially if they think you have something tasty to eat). Most people wrongly dismiss them as black little nuisances, but if you take a minute to watch them, you’ll see their beautiful complexity (both in color and in “personality”). I love birds in general, but grackles are among my favorites… I thought few people liked them, I’m glad I to know they’ve got more human admirers. Thanks for your good/interesting post!

  3. Mandy V. on said:

    I have recently learned about grackles, too, and have developed a love for them. The first time I really noticed one was when I was throwing crumbs to a group of birds while on a leisurely walk. One grackle joined in the feast and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. It happily ate a few crumbs and didn’t scare the other birds away at all. I kept staring at it as the vibrant blue and purple colors glinted in the sunlight. The image of the dark irridescent bird stuck with me and it didn’t take long to identify the grackle with a simple google search. Lately I’ve been studying a nature-centric mindset involving animal medicine (weird hippie stuff, I know). I looked up the “meaning” of a grackle (as after that first encounter, I’d begun to see them everywhere). Like you, I found that description about them. I really felt like it was spot on for me. I smile whenever I see one.
    I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing the grackle love 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Mandy and for your comments. I plan to do some more writing on grackles as I still seem to be connecting with them wherever I go. I just returned from holiday in Mexico and was able to get some great pics and even a little video of these magnificent birds.

      I too enjoy their sheen and think they are tremendously beautiful birds. I am glad that there are others out there who can understand and appreciate their beauty and intelligence. I for one cannot wait until they start visiting my back yard again. For now, I have two ravens that have been hanging out!

      Take care.


  4. I love grackles! A lone great tailed female has started using our planter as her fledglings playground, bringing them down every morning to hunt for bugs. Nobody has anything good to say about them but I think they’re lovely, intelligent birds.

    • Hi Vee! I love it when people recognize the beauty in grackles and I am so happy that my post has allowed for people to share their love of these lovely birds with me. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. Stay tuned for more grackle love to come.


  5. My birdbath is the most important thing in my yard.I keep it very well maintained for all my feathered friends.My wife thinks i’m a little obsessed and she’s probably right.That’s ok.We all have passions and the love of birds is definitely mine.
    I absolutely love grackles.They are such characters at my birdbath with all the different gestures they make.They are very interesting birds indeed.I ignore all the bad press they get.They are simply

    creatures trying to survive in this tough world and i am more than happy to help them out as much as possible.

    as much as possible.

    • Christopher, thank you for stopping by! I share your sentiments about helping creatures to survive. They have just as tough a go!

      You reminded me though that I have some great footage of grackles bathing. They put on quite the show don’t they? I am going to dig it up and post it. Be sure to check back!


    • Wow, Dimitri you grew quite close to that bird didn’t you? I have never known anyone to have a grackle as a pet. Amazing! I hope you enjoyed your time with Kitchi and that you will see her again.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write and share your story with me. Cheers!


  6. W. Spencer on said:

    Thanks for this page. My wife and I both have long been fans of the busy little Grackle. I love their antics and beautiful iridescent (male) plumage. They, like crows, are obviously very intelligent and if you give them a chance and observe them you will fall in love. I find it sad that so many people see them as something bad or undesirable. They seem to have taken the place of the Pidgeon in the hearts of people and are the new undesirable city bird. Nothing could be further from the truth to me and my wife.

    • Well put and thanks so much W. Spencer for taking the time to write. I think if people took the time to observe these wonderful birds (and any other birds) they would learn some respect. Their understated beauty, incredible smarts and dynamic personalities will shine through if only they are given a chance!

  7. Phil Kamm on said:

    Just another vote in support of grackles. I agree with everything already said in their defense and can offer an illustration of their intelligence: We have a regular grackle visitor at our bird feeder. It has a spring-loaded perch that is set to keep squirrels and birds who weigh as much as grackles from accessing the bird seed. The seed is dispensed through a grill of metal slats at the bottom of the front of the seed compartment. This stops the squirrels and larger birds like cardinals and blue jays–not this grackle, though! He flies up to the grill, grasps a metal slat, and holding his body nearly parallel to the ground, is able to get his fill of bird seed. It’s worth the expense of higher seed consumption to watch this artist at work!

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