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My winter ‘spots’ … still time to enter the contest

So maybe you saw my first post about the TripleSpot contest, but you aren’t sure it’s for you. Well, if you a) love taking photos b) try hard to make the best of winter or c) like winning stuff, then you should consider taking part.

I don’t download a whole lot of new apps myself, but I am finding that I really enjoy TripleSpot. It’s like a mix between FourSquare and Instagram but with helpful and relevant advice, especially if you are visiting somewhere new. ‘Spotting’ something in a town/city or where ever let’s everyone know that it’s perhaps worth a try. It’s especially helpful for travelers. Oh and did I mention – it’s a FREE download. Nothing to lose here.

Best thing is …  you can spot from ANYWHERE. You don’t have to be from Saskatchewan or even Canada to take part. So whatcha waiting for? You have until January 31st!

Stuck at what is a good spot? The answer is: whatever works for you. Here are some of mine.


A variety of spots from time spent in B.C. recently and during travel in my home province of Saskatchewan.

Almost anything goes. What to see, do, eat, try, appreciate, etc. For example with my spots, a flight of Sake kept me warm, Whistler encouraged me to give skiing a shot, I found some green in winter, etc, etc. My point is – it’s easy to find something great about winter and just maybe you will find something new to enjoy.

manitou spot

This is the info that is contained within a ‘spot’. Pretty straight forward.

Again to enter the main TripleSpot contest, all you have to do is: First, download the app (available for iOS and Android devices). Then, start spotting. Entries are collected by sharing your favorite winter spot using the hashtag #brr in its description. You can submit as many spots as you want for this contest! Remember to create your spots before January 31.

To enter my contest, simply add the #ispywinter hashtag to the #brr hashtag in your Spot descriptions. It’s that easy.

Prizes can be found within this post. Good luck and happy spotting!

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