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Photo essay: 20 images studying colour and texture along the eastern shore of Halifax

I recently discovered early October is a wonderful time to be a photographer in Halifax. During my first visit to the city, my hopes were high to capture what I have heard from many, one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.

To help enhance this experience, I’d be on a tour hosted by Picture Perfect Tours, a local company specializing in guided photo tours of Nova Scotia.

However, this wouldn’t be a traditional tour — at all.

Off the hop, tour guide Geordie Mott challenged us to get creative.

We wouldn’t be heading to picturesque Peggy’s Cove or taking in the vibrant Halifax waterfront, instead, we’d be heading on an eastern shore photo tour where the day would end at a spot Mott referenced a “zombie apocalypse fishing village”. Prior to our visit to the nearly abandoned village, we visited the quaint (non-zombie apocalypse), 200 year-old restored fishing village, Fisherman’s Cove, and lunched within the lovely Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.

Maybe I didn’t appreciate it as much at the time but looking back, the tour forced me to really soak and sink into incredible textures and colours that surrounded at every turn. Rich in landscapes, I opted to pay more attention to the macro, something as a photographer, I rarely do.

Even if I wasn’t sure about this challenge, it did force me to immerse myself in the immediate, focus on the detail in front of me, and appreciate the ordinary, which can be so simply extraordinary. Beauty truly can be found everywhere – one just has to look.

The result: a collection of 20 images that hopefully give you a sense of surroundings. So, to best place yourself there, take a deep breath in and smell the salty air. Imagine reaching out to feel the paint peeling off a dilapidated building. Stop and admire the contrasts between soft and hard, light and dark.

From here on in, I’ll let the images speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy!

20 images studying colour and texture along the eastern shore of Halifax




















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