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Review: Saskatchewan Fashion Week 2014

Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) recently wrapped up it’s third year with another successful event, only this time at a new venue. The Saskatchewan Sound Stage, which has been ostensibly quiet since the slow down of film production in the city, played home to the event and proved to be a great space. This was my second Saskatchewan Fashion Week and while I truly enjoyed the downtown location in Victoria Park, the sound stage made for a much more comfortable show for all. No running outside (in chilly May) to a port-a-potty, no need to shuffle models from tent to tent and conveniently, it allowed for much more room to socialize and move about without bulky sweaters/jackets – all welcome improvements.

Amy Matysio hostess

Returning as hostess was Amy Matysio, whose lighthearted antics, quick wit and penchant for red wine were adored by attendees. Amy was impeccably dressed all three nights by Nadia Williamson of NWL.

The runway show provided a good mix of retailers and designers and I commend the hair and make up teams – all three nights, the models looked fantastic.

Some quick notes on what I loved about SFW’s retailer collections:

  • The quirkiness and colourful styling of the Vintage Vault’s (Yorkton) collection made it stand out.
  • The energy and playful nature of the 22 Fresh line (and models) was uplifting and also very easy on the eyes.
  • Cade Style Lounge’s set was so hip and urban that it made me wish I were younger, hip and urban.
  • Sophisticated, sexy and pretty – every piece shown by Queen V. The collection was well complemented with shoes from Zoe’s Boutique.
SFW Jenn

Gillian Maher, Jared Schlechte and me strike poses (my outfit was from Queen V).

Each of the designers had distinct points of view and overall there was a good sense of cohesiveness within the independent collections. I really enjoyed the emerging designers – Sage Wosminity, Ashely Kasdorf of Kazz Clothing and Katherine Sthamman while veteran designers Sova Design, Amaranth Designs and Dean Renwick, all showed well crafted and very wearable collections.

A few looks from the runway

However, the audience (myself included) was blown away by the event’s closing designer Laurie Brown, who stood mid-way down the catwalk as her models strutted by only to adjust the designs once they reached her, completely altering the whole look. Upon writing this I realize it really doesn’t sound as good as it was to watch. But Brown wasn’t a distraction on the runway, nor was it cheesy. Actually it was quite the opposite experience. I was wrapped up in the instant modifications and couldn’t take my eyes off of the action. The clothing was smart; classical but whimsical at the same time – impeccably tailored.

Laurie Brown’s stunning collection and fabulous runway show

I felt like a proud parent as I watched the work of 15-year old designer Sage Wosminity make it’s way down the runway. I had the great fortune to meet and interview Sage months back for a National Post article. Seeing her sophisticated and cohesive collection come alive was incredible and it’s hard to believe it was all crafted by a 15-year old!

Sage Wosminity – the up and comer

I thoroughly enjoyed networking with the designers, collaborators, fashion connoisseurs and everyone else who attended. Thank you SFW for having me and kudos to the team of dedicated staff and volunteers for a job very well done! These images are also available for viewing in my photography portfolio.

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