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Riversdale revitalized, a trend around these parts

It’s a trend that can be seen across the province. Areas, neighbourhoods, towns and cities of Saskatchewan have experienced record growth, rejuvination and revitilization. Why?

Well, with a leading economy comes a healthy increase in population growth. People have been drawn to our lovely province for jobs, quality of life and the opportunity to start their own businessess and follow their dreams. These of course are just a few reasons.

On a recent visit to Riversdale, a Saskatoon neighbourhood, revitilization efforts were well underway. Ideally located minutes from the beautiful South Saskatchean River – hip restaurants, galleries, young people and innovative entrepreneurs have moved in and set up shop in the neighbourhood.

Here are a few pics from just a few of my favourite pit stops in Riversdale and a link to the article I wrote that appears in the December issue of Chatelaine.

The Hollows Restaurant

Any restaurant that holds onto and cherishes vintage interiors is a winner in my books. The Hollows is a very hip restaurant specializing in food to table meals. It is located in a heritage building that used to be a Chinese restaurant. The owners have chosen to adopt some of the former retro interior and by add their own flavour. From the recycled glassware to the bathroom decor, any hippie or hispter for that matter would feel at home here.

Did I mention the food was outstanding? Well, it was. And I was lucky enough to take a peek into the kitchen to get a feel for what it was like behind the scenes.

I thought it was awesome to find their vegtables in this state – as if they had just been pulled from a garden in someone’s back yard and brought into the restaurant. Which could be true for all I know.

There is nothing like fresh garden carrots. Just saying.

What a view!

I didn’t stay at the historic Delta Bessborough but it sure didn’t stop me from snapping some pics. I love how the hotel overlooks the river and the park. It is certainly my favourite part of the city and just mere steps from the Riversdale neighbourhood.

Saskatoon Farmer’s Market

For Saskatchewanian wine lovers, this lady is no stranger. She is Sue, one of the owners of Living Sky Winery. And yes, I bought everything that you see in this image. My favourite? By far the Currant wine. I ran into Sue at the Saskatoon Farmers Market which is AWESOME by the way. Honestly I could have spent all day in there and came home with so many fresh goods, but I spent all my money at her booth. What can I say? Wino for life.

I didn’t even save enough for pickles. Travesty.

Or fresh tortillas.

Or even a sampling of Saskatoon Berry tarts, pies, or jams. But there is always next time and I will be back.

Escape Sports

One of my next stops was at Escape Sports. Pictured above is Marcus, one of the owners, holding up some snowshoes. To be honest I actually had no idea what they were at first. Perhaps, its been a while since I did any snowshoeing. (Or, more like never.) I am hoping to return to rent some of the goods from this awesome store. I also could drop a few bucks on their great selection of alternative sporting goods and kiteboarding lessons. Oh and I so want to paddleboard that river!

A future purchase … one of these boards.

Seoul Korean Restaurant

Ordering off an iPad just makes sense. Seoul Korean restaurant features these handy menus complete with pictures, videos and more. There is something to be said about seeing your food before you eat it. But, it was so hard to choose as it all looked so good. Talk about tantilizing!

 And, tada! Look how close to the picture this dish was! What a treat.

It is  easy to see how the infusion of young blood has benefited the area. Many of the new stores, creative spaces and restaurants have been started up by young entepreneurs who have a vision for Riversdale and see its potential. Given its perfect locale in Saskatoon, it is sure nice see the area experience a rebirth.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed learning about a few cool stops in Riversdale. Be sure to check some of these places the next time you are in Saskatoon.

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