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Tips for Travel and Happiness: Be Present

Monthly tips dedicated to helping you find the happy in travel.

Being completely present is one of the hardest things do daily, never mind while traveling. But if you can commit, the payoff is well worth it.

There is a fine line between taking time to capture the moments. Whether it be by pausing and mentally recording your travel experience, by snapping an image or two, taking notes in a journal or filming video. I am all for the latter, as my memory really just tends to fail me. I find if I take a picture I can capture the mood and if I jot down a few notes, I can reference the sights, sounds and feelings of a particular moment or place – video of course brings it all back easily.

After all, remembering amazing details regardless of you have captured it, allows you to relive your trip or share it with others. Just be careful not to overdo it.

“Happiness is what happens when you’re joyously aware. Be mindfully present. Extol existence. Breathe the air. Study the details. When you consciously acquaint your senses to a new place, you will discover a lingering joy on your travels and within your heart.” ~ Amanda Carnegie

Soak in the details while taking mental stock of where you are what you are experiencing/observing, and then allow the experience to sink it and meld with the other wonderful moments you spend discovering a new place. Take note of the small things – the colours – the sounds – the smell. Intoxicate yourself with each moment of the experience rather than rush through it.

This is a lesson I can say wholeheartedly I believe in, but one I have struggled with off and on to maintain a healthy balance. I am happy though to say I am working on it. Thanks so much to those who have taught me along the way to slow down a bit, open my eyes even wider and take it all in.

~ This tip was inspired by Amanda Carnegie who captures and shares insightful (and very funny) travel stories over on her blog: UnrestingSea. She took the time to share this key piece of advice with me so I could pass it onto you.


2 thoughts on “Tips for Travel and Happiness: Be Present
  1. What a lovely thought to share – so often I am guilty of really cherishing things after I have left a place, and really it should be the other way round. Thanks for sharing x

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