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And Edie makes four – my Fairmont Canine Ambassador Dog Quest

First there was Monte, then the Vancouver super duo Mavis and Beau. Now, Edie makes four.

Edie, Fairmont Pittsburgh's Canine Ambassador

Edie is a superstar – just like her namesake, Edie Sedgwick.

Four Fairmont Ambassador Dogs since last September. At this rate, I may have the chance to meet them all – which is precisely what I want to do.

My new quest is to meet all the Fairmont dogs.

Is it weird? Maybe. But ask me if I care.

I love dogs.

Edie, canine ambassador for Fairmont Pittsburgh (an amazing property!) was high on my list and I was so excited to meet her. I am super partial to white boxers as I have one, and Edie is half boxer/half lab cross. She even had a few brindle spots like my pup, Benson.

Edie, Fairmont Pittsburgh's Canine Ambassador

She was really receptive to being mauled. I mean hugged.

She didn’t disappoint! She was SO super sweet. Loveable and affectionate like a boxer but with a lab-like calm demeanor. She greeted all those who called out to her, as per her duty – she’s a total pro, and of course gave kisses too. I only wish I had more time to spend with her. Oh well, good reason to return!

Edie, Fairmont Pittsburgh's Canine Ambassador

And, she definitely knew how to lay on a good smooch.

Who’s next on my canine ambassador wishlist?

My next Fairmont dog will likely be the Fairmont Jasper’s Stanley who just joined the hotel in November 2013! Hopefully I will meet him within the next month or so.

I cannot express enough how much I LOVE the Fairmont’s Canine Ambassador Program. For those unfamiliar with it, some Fairmont properties offer fuzzy four legged fur babies up for companionship on the road. Take them for a walk, spend some quality time with them or give their bellies a scratch – the dogs are there for the guests. For people like me who really miss their dogs on the road – this is such a great option. The only downside? They won’t let you sleep with them – yep I asked (was that creepy of me?).

Mavis and Beau, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's Canine Ambassadors

Mavis and Beau lead me up in the elevator.

And as I learned, they are they are in hot demand! Beau and Mavis from Fairmont Hotel Vancouver are practically celebrities. They even have their own YouTube video. The popular pair have attended the Olympics and obliged many a famous person (i.e. Halle Berry, Celine Dion, etc) with a photo opp. If you are lucky enough to take one or both of them for a walk, be prepared as they will lead the way. The way to all the shops that give them treats that is. These dogs are well loved by the surrounding community and many shop owners keep treats on hand for them.

Beau, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's Canine Ambassadors

Rockstar smile down pat.

Mavis, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's Canine Ambassadors

Not to be outdone, Mavis flashes her signature smirk.

Many of the dogs have email addresses and some even Facebook pages, making it easy to stay in touch with them. I have been told they always love hearing from past guests.

Me and Monte, Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello Canine Ambassador Dog

I will never forget my first Fairmont dog. This is Monte, of Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello in Outouais, Quebec.

Fan of the Fairmont properties and keen to stay at one with a canine ambassador?

Check out their page here. I think there may be a few dogs missing from the page but it never hurts to inquire. Another great option is to bring your pet with you. Fairmont hotel’s are very pet friendly!

Read about my experience with Monte, my first Fairmont dog.






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