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Because lions deserve to live – help me cause an uproar

Because lions deserve to live – help me cause an uproar.

lionI am hoping to appeal to any animal lover who reads this because when species disappear, whole chains of ecosystems change forever.

National Geographic has been working with communities in Kenya and Tanzania to implement a smart, affordable solution that is making a big difference. It’s called a boma.

Everyday lions are killed in communities that keep livestock. Livestock is the livelihood of many African communities. Because they live in such close proximity, lions kill livestock and then lions get killed. There is a solution and you can help.

It’s called Build a Boma. What is a boma? A boma is a secure enclosure that protects livestock. It costs only $500 to build and improve and $25 a year to maintain. Good bomas are proven to decrease the killing of lions.

I have started a campaign page with a modest goal of $500, which will build one boma. Any donation is welcomed and if you can’t help with a donation, please consider sharing this page so that together we can spread further awareness of this National Geographic campaign. Donate here today and know that you are helping lions live.

All of your donation – 100 percent – will go toward building boma fences to protect lions, livestock, and livelihoods. 500 will build one boma. $25 will maintain it for a year.

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