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Change is good right?

As my family and I turn a new leaf in the food chapter of our lives today by going gluten free, I wonder, change is good right?

I mean even though I am constantly running my butt off, chasing children, working long hours and rarely sitting, I have somehow after birthing two children (from a previously super fit body) slide into a body I can barely recognize. Eeek, not sure how this happened. As a previous elite athlete former personal trainer, I of all people should have noticed myself falling down the slippery slope. Shouldn’t I? I think I may have just been too darn busy.

Too busy to make time for ‘real workouts,’ too busy to make time to properly prepare meals, and surely too busy to pay enough attention to my increasingly noticeable muffin top.

Change is good. It has to be. Moving forward without change will only increase the likelyhood that this will get worse for all of us. I will get fatter, feel more miserable; my husband will remain ill and feel crappy and tired all the time, and my children will remain wild. Ok, well maybe only the first point is actually realistic but I do hope that the diet change will enable my husband’s conditions to ease up a bit as all I know is he deserves some repreive from what he has been through. And, as for my kids, I do know that helping them make better choices about food can only help prepare them for a better food-life balance.

We have all committed, well my husband and I (children really don’t need to know any better at their ages, except to know that they are now feeding their body properly and with more thought) at least to a gluten free diet. After two years of my husband struggling with a serious case of fibromyalgia and other serious issues, it is time for a diet change. I have always had decent eating habits. I like to graze, have small portions and like things that are generally good for me. But even I have slipped.

Its sushi I blame it on. I just can’t get enough. Now Googling to see if sushi is gluten free as I really don’t think I can live without it. Ok, seems like there are some questions I have to ask and it looks like I have to avoid soy sauce but I think I can still make it work. Phew.

Anyhow, I will post again about our adventures with our new diet. I have to also get back to regular fitness again. I have been dabbling with Cross-Fit which seems to be right up my alley as I love conditioning and recently we all bought YMCA passes. So, no more excuses for the flab, the fatigue and the depression that ensues. I am (we are) on a new path. So excited.

Now onto work on the post I have been meaning to put up for weeks regarding our family vacation and the Regina Folk Festival. I am so behind but hopefully it will be worth the wait!

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