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So many stories little time to write

I am currently suffering from the opposite of writers block. I simply have too many ideas that I want to write about and not near enough time to tackle them. Between a full time job, two over time children (sometimes three), I am pooped. Even down to my little fingers which so desperately desire to have an outlet of their own. My creative energy is penting up to a point that will surely see me explode at some point.

But today is not that day. You see, I – ack as I was typing I was just ambushed by a two footer. He nearly succeeded. Anyhow, as I was saying, today I was able to take the kids out after work for a bike ride, feed them and lure them away to watch a movie. They barely fell for the usual appeal of “movie night” but somehow after I waved a pixar flick in front of them, they caved. Yes, (selfish) mom of the year!

So onto these stories I aim to tell. Most of them are inspired by my everyday surroundings, occurrences or meetings. I have a pretty neat job that luckily allows me to interact with great people. My curious nature about what is new and exciting always fills my head with ideas of stories that I think others like me would like to hear. Stories about local art champions, activists, travel, entrepreneurship, funny kid stories – got loads of those and much more of course.

So how do I make time? How do you all make time? I need to also eat, exercise and sleep too. Geesh, usually I think I rock in the organization and time department, but maybe its time for a reality check.

Ugh, the movie has just ended. Apparently, I shouldn’t have done all those other things that needed to be done prior to blogging. I will learn one day. I promise.

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