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Chatting travel with musician Jack Semple

I was lucky enough to run into one of Saskatchewan’s most celebrated musicians at a close friend’s housewarming a few months back. It was there I was exposed firsthand to the artistry and outstanding talent of musician Jack Semple.

Semple, born and bred in Saskatchewan and current Regina resident, is a Juno and Western Canadian Award winner. He often performs solo and travels across Canada with his band, The Jack Semple Band.

jack simple playing guitar

Now of course I knew of Semple beforehand – it’s nearly impossible living in Regina to not know who he is. But during this unexpected occasion where he simply took his guitar out and serenaded the small room of us, it was there I fully understood the longstanding allure of his music. I had heard of his artistry and guitar mastery, but was wowed by what an incredible voice he has.

Not only did all of us there get treated to an impromptu private living room concert, we all joined in and sang along to well known hits as he took requests. Other musicians opted in and joined along playing sometimes by ear. I had really never witnessed such a spontaneous music jam. It was a lovely moment.

Minutes prior to this I had the chance to sit and chat with Jack about travel, music and family. His unassuming and genuine personality put me instantly at ease so I asked him if he would consider answering a few questions for my blog.

He obliged and generously answered the following travel questions:

What is your earliest travel memory? My earliest travel memory is driving and a half-ton truck with my mother and my brother to Vancouver. The truck broke down between Regina and Moshe and we spent the better part of the day waiting upon its repair.

Did you travel a lot as a child? No, I hardly traveled at all actually.

What is your favourite travel memory? Traveling on an airplane for the first time at age 15 to visit my brother in Vancouver.

jack semple regina

What is the best lesson you learned travelling?
The world is bigger than my backyard.

What is your favourite Canadian destination? I love Banff and Canmore.

What is your idea of a relaxing trip? Hawaii – on the beach.

Where else could you live? Ecuador.

How often do you travel? Lately we’ve been going on a great holiday once a year.

What is your favourite place to play? Hawaii.

What is your go to or easy getaway? A 30-mile drive to the Qu’Appelle Valley.

Qu'Appelle Valley River

Qu’Appelle Valley River

Where are you and your family headed next? My wife and daughter are headed to Copenhagen this July for a dance conference.

Name a dream destination you haven’t visited yet. The Amazon River.

Many thanks Jack for taking the time to share some of your favourite destinations with my readers and me!

Want to learn more about Jack Semple or get a taste for his incredible guitar mastery?

Check out his site here.

*Photos courtesy of Jack Semple.

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