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What it’s all about really (talking about happiness again)


Birding boys

My boys 6 and 8 wielding binoculars hoping to catch a glimpse of birds migrating to the valley.

This makes my heart sing.

What are these two little boys of mine doing you may ask? Well, if you know me and my blog, I am pretty sure you can figure it out. But for those new to this space, I will gladly fill you in. They are looking for birds.

Of course I am over the moon that they both wanted to come with me this year for our annual bluebird pilgrimage to the valley.

This was a first as only my oldest has ever accompanied me. But what made me the proudest mom in the world is that they were actually into it. Into spotting. Into photographing. Into spending time outdoors rather than inside playing Minecraft for hours on end. Into spending time with their mom.

boys birding and taking photos

Budding nature photographers.

That is what it is all about. Happiness. Being with each other, doing things together, learning.

I could really care less if they would have rather looked for snakes or prairie dogs. I don’t need my children to take on my passion for birding, but am delighted they were willing to give it a try. Just being outdoors with them exploring is pure magic.

Sadly, making sure time together like this happens is a constant struggle for me, as I am sure for many of you. Helping instill curiosity about our natural environment seems harder than it should be. Heck, I remember when I was little, my mom couldn’t keep me in the house. Seems I was part of the now bygone free range generation.

With all the technology, gadgets and helicopter parenting, our kids simply don’t spend enough time outdoors.

A very clear goal of mine from the start – with this blog – was to help foster my children’s, along with my reader’s, curiosity and build appreciation of new places, experiences, wildlife and the outdoors.

prairie scene blue sky saskatchewan

My youngest insisted I snap this pic because of the donkey on the left. I’m so glad I did however — look at this crisp blue prairie sky (completely unedited!)

It’s days like we shared this weekend where I feel I am getting somewhere – breaking ground.

We spent a total of two and a half hours driving Route 99 from Craven. We eventually spotted one blue bird (I think we were a tad early), and also saw many Swainson hawks along the way.

The best part was the level of excitement they both exuded as they peered through binoculars, snapped photos and asked questions.

boy with binoculars birding

Scouring the scene for bluebirds

It’s so simple really – connecting over something. It’s all I can ever hope for – to share joy with my children. As you can likely tell just from reading this, my smile is wide looking back on those wonderful few hours.

Forever grateful for every moment like this as a mom.

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