Countdown to Montreal: Market Bonsecours and the Montreal Clock Tower

Last summer, I sat at La Champagnerie sipping a glass of bubbly alongside one of my closest girlfriends, a native Montrealer. I couldn’t help but take notice of the stunning neo-Classical style building across the street and even stepped out to photograph it. When I returned to ask about it, she shared with me the history behind Marché Bonsecours (Market Bonsecours).

Marché Bonsecours, located in in trendy Old Montréal on Rue Saint-Paul, is a two-story silvery domed building which once served as the Montreal’s main public market. Up until 1963, citizens routinely came to purchase produce from local farms.

Over 100 years old, its acknowledged as one of Canada’s ten finest heritage buildings, and today remains a market showcasing high-end boutiques, jewelry, furniture and local fare.

Take a short walk from behind the market on Rue de la Commune E. The pathway follows the port and leads to the Quai de l’Horloge, (Montreal Clock Tower); a monument commemorating those who served in WWII. Impressive city views await form the tower’s top.


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