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Product Review: Beetle Bag Original

The Beetle Bag Original

Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

When my adorable Beetle Bag Original arrived in the post, I was elated. So cute in grey and black, I was hoping that it would be the answer to my bike-toting preferences (read: prayers).

You see, despite the fact I have a basket on my beloved cruiser, it just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard when it comes to holding my water bottle, keys or phone. I’m always afraid things are gonna fly out of it every time I hit a bump – and let me share – this isn’t an unfounded fear. It’s happened. Plus, my water always tends to leak all over as it gets sloshed (noisily) around in the basket. Add to this that I am in no mood to buy a new phone.

However, one issue I was worried about upfront when the bag arrived was that my cruiser has a giant curve to the main bar connecting the body of my bike. It’s proved a challenge in a few annoying ways such as putting it on my bike rack and adding a water bottle holder (which would also solve my above issue). So, when I saw the Beetle Bag Original, I was worried too, that it wouldn’t fit onto my odd frame.

Thankfully I was wrong.

With two retractable stretchy straps that button underneath the bag and a velcro loop up top to secure it tightly, the bag fits perfectly and isn’t even affected by my bike’s frame curve. In fact, I was able to attach it to the bottom of my handlebars and the frame, which allows for super easy access – superior to trying to reach into my basket!

Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

Front of the Beetle Bag Original (unsnapped)

Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

Back of the Beetle Bag Original (unsnapped)

Besides the awesome strapping options, here are a few other product features I really like about this Beetle Bag Original:

  • Two interior hidden pockets house padded backpack straps. This eliminates leaving it strapped to your bike and you can take the pack with you. This is especially appreciated when toting anything of value.
    Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

    Back of the Beetle Bag Original with backpack straps out

  • It has two very large zipping sections that expand outward. They hold a lot.
Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

One of the two extendable pockets on the Beetle Bag Original.

Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

I can stuff these Beetle Bag Original pockets full!

Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

What I fit into my Beetle Bag Original + my water bottle!

  • Add to that, two additional smaller zipped pockets. Perfect for keys, headphones or whatever else you want easy access to.
    Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

    One of the two smaller side pockets of the of the Beetle Bag Original.

  • Water bottle holder that holds my giant water bottle. I can finally access my bottle – thanks to the handy stretchable straps.
  • The zippers and buttons are made from quality materials. They not only hold the bag securely to my bike, but also house all my items without worry that I’ll lose anything.
  • It’s water repellent. Keeping things dry is kinda important to me.

What does this all mean?

I can carry so much more – securely – than ever before. And, get to all my stuff easily. Plus, the OH SO coveted spot to hold my water bottle (and its accessibility) makes me so happy!

I easily concur that the description the Beetle Bag website for being a “bicycle frame bag that converts into a backpack,” is completely accurate and am happy to recommend this product to those seeking alternative solutions to bike storage (that you can easily take with you once off your bike).

Now my basket can be used to carry something else – hmmm maybe a cute puppy.

To get your hands on a Beetle Bag Original (retails for $50 and comes in a few varieties of colours), visit this website –>

Beetle Bag Original Jenn Smith Nelson

Ready to go!


NOTE: I was asked to review the Beetle Bag Original in exchange for the product. The company has neither reviewed nor approved this post. And, I’m the new owner of an awesome and welcome addition to my beloved (but frame challenged) cruiser.

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