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Countdown to Montréal: The non-stop bagel shop – Saint-Viateur Bagel


Since 1957, Saint-Viateur Bagel has been making Montréal’ best bagels. On top of it’s tasty-toasty goods, the often lined up out the door café, is known as a landmark.

Located in trendy Mile-End on Mont-Royal Street, the shop was established in 1957 by Myer Lewkowicz. Today Joe Morena, who was only fifteen when he started, owns the bakery.

Taking its name from St-Viateur Street, the famous bakery operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reportedly serves over 12,000 bagels a day! In addition to the flagship location, there are six other locations.

In addition to being the longest running bagel shop in the city, Saint-Viateur Bagel is known for giving back to the community and is a favourite pit-stop for many celebrities from William Shatner, Harvey Keitel and Céline Dion to James Woods, Kelly Ripa and more.

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