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First world problems, not so much

Today is a day I will never forget. Although it was difficult I will cherish it for so many reasons. Those first world jokes we pass around and laugh off – over it. You don’t know first world problems unless you have been to the third world my friends.

We have so many everyday luxeries that we take for granted. Food, water, shelter to name a few. What if you didn’t have those? Would you still want the Prada purse? Or would you choose a harder life in order to educate your young?

These are decisions that Ugandan women have to make everyday. Sometimes, it isn’t even a matter of a decision, as their choices are nil. It has been an overwhelmingly rewarding day. When you get to see the best and worst parts of life in a short period, it leaves you with a lot of thinking to do. Mostly, I am wondering how I can make changes in my life to live as graciously as the women that I have met here.

I have an in depth story to tell regarding today and I will apologize in advance for cutting this post short. I need to really process what I saw, heard and documented in order to present the realities of this trip and how life changing it really is becoming. All I can say though is that in Canada, we have a good life.

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    I agree we need to appreciate and be thankful for the everyday things we have and not take them for granted. We are very lucky here in Canada, (although if I never saw temperatures below 0, it wouldn’t break my heart).

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