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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s Annual PJs Party

If you weren’t sporting leg warmers, headbands, neon, ruffles, bows or crimped, teased or backcombed hair you would have stood out like a sore thumb last weekend at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s Annual PJs party.

The theme of the girl’s getaway –> The very identifiable 80s.

ruffles 80s

I’ve NEVER seen so much pink in my life. And ruffles. I swear.

Let me tell you something I learned.

There is big love for themed weekends, especially when they have to do with the 80s.

Ladies love the 80s. Like crazy.

Ladies of the 80s Jasper

COMMITTED! Non-stop 80s getups ALL weekend long.

I arrived at the fabulous Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and was welcomed to my room by a bottle of champagne, some yummy sweets and a goodie bag. Excited to get going, I quickly put on an 80s get up (this is code for my normal clothes — pretty much) and headed inside.

The 80s were everywhere. I had a pretty decent feeling the next few days were going to be a lot of fun.

And, Molly Ringwald, star of such 80s classics such as the Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink was in attendance to celebrate the 80s alongside nearly 400 women!

Molly Ringwald Jasper 80s party

Some very lucky ladies chatted Molly up at a pre-dinner VIP reception.

There were so many great components to this very well organized event, from the Friday night pyjamas reception to parting day Sunday where a ‘make your own Caesar’ bar went over well with these ladies of the 80s.

So let me explain via images what it was like to participate in this incredibly fun event.

She wins the 80s

This is what winning the 80s looks like.

Ladies arrived early afternoon on Friday and by 6 p.m. pyjama love was evident.  The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge nailed the 80s atmosphere. Upon arrival into what I would assume is most often used as a conference room, 80s tunes were blaring, appetizers and drinks were flowing and there was candy everywhere. (Please excuse the blurry iPhone photos.)

Jasper 80s party

I found out not only was it important to follow the theme, but bonus points for those who had group outfits. These ladies nailed it.

Wine glasses Jasper 80s party

Wine glasses flew off the table. The poor bartender could hardly keep up the demand of the nearly 400 very thirsty women.

Oh, and there were firemen signing calendars. And posing in bed with the ladies. Young firemen. Let’s just say these guys sure held the attention of the ladies all night long.

bed shot with firemen jasper 80s party

Ok, I did the bed shot with the fireman. Please note my safe placement at the back.

After sampling the goodies, I tried the most 80s sounding concoction I could find called the Sweettart, made from yep, you guessed it, the popular chalky candy from 80s. It was mixed with pinnacle, bols blue, lime juice, soda and grenadine.

Sweettart drink Jasper 80s party

I’m pretty sure this super sweet cocktail is what did me in. Ugh, no sugary drinks for this gal. It was TOO sweet.

Candy at Jasper 80s party

If you could dream up the candies your gorged on in the 80s, they were there.

Anyhow, chit chat was at a high level for most of the night, as was high pitched laughter.

Without surprise, the most popular spot in the room was definitely on the dance floor. Cheers roared every time a new beloved song came on and everyone rocked out, singing at the top of their lungs to hits from Cyndi Lauper and the boss himself, to Milli Vanilli.

dancefloor moves Jasper 80s party

What goes perfect with copious amounts of cocktails? Dancing of course. This was one full dance floor the whole evening.

Carebears Jasper 80s party

My personal favourite group – these CareBears were a dedicated group.

Up and at em early the next day, the ambitious types with gifted wardrobes could be spotted sporting spandex and belts. Oh so many belts, while taking in classes like aerobics and breakdancing.

breakdancing Jasper 80s party

What a blast! Breakdancing lessons were definitely for those who took it much too easy on Friday night.

Others opted for classes such as cooking with Julie Van Roosendaal, flower arranging, drink mixing and more. And, for those who just wanted to veg, a movie theatre playing an endless stream of 80s movie classics was available.

Julie Van Roosendaal Jasper 80s party

Julie Van Roosendaal kept the ladies entertained during her session making the famous Breakfast Club sandwich.

During the day, ladies also spend their time bidding on a fantastic silent auction full of retro toys such as pound puppies, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids and more.

Carebears Jasper 80s party auction
Soon enough it was time to get ready for the coveted event, the Pretty in Pink Prom.

The Fairmont salon turned into a hairspray and pink eyeshadow hotspot as ladies had the opportunity to get dolled up professionally for a minimal cost.

Getting ready for the prom Jasper 80s party

More shadow!

I got my crimp on, sported a dress with frill and a bow and added a signature touch to my 80s outfit.

Me and Ang date for the pretty in pink prom

Me and my beautiful date for the prom Ang.

Tulle and converse

Ok, so someone else has the same exact prom style as me. Can you believe it?

The popular girls of the 8os were totally there.

Prom dresses Jasper 80s party

Can’t get enough of these outfits. The. Best.

The highlight of the evening for many was the dinner and keynote address from Molly. I was very fortunate to sit near Molly for dinner and chit chat with her about children, her career and busy life. Though very private, the revered actress is kind and was quick to gush about how she and her husband have enjoyed Jasper, especially the wildlife.

Very excited women lined up for the chance to get a professional photo taken with the star in their prom dress. Here’s our shot!

Ang and Molly Jasper 80s party

Ok, for the record I was sporting flats and Molly had five inch heels on. Ooooh that crimp!

The night ended with an amazing, full on karaoke session and dancing with hundreds of ladies vying for the microphone. See all we women need to have a good time – 80s music and a dance floor.

Then I saw a photo booth. I got a bit caught up.

photo booth Jasper 80s party

Hey how did a man get in here? Just kidding. That’s my date’s husband who came to pick here up at the end of the night. I pretty much made everyone take a photo with me in that booth. Too fun.

Then this happened.

jenn crimped hair mess jasper 80s girl getaway

OH myyyy god.

The Ceasar Bar on Sunday was the perfect send off for the departing women. So much bacon. And Caesars. What a weekend!

Caesar bar at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

The Caesar bar was a total 10/10. Look at that bacon. OMG. I consumed lot of bacon over three days. Did you know they Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge stocks 1500kg of bacon per week? Amazing.

It was a sad moment as the buses rolled out and ladies made their way home. I will never forget the laughs, fun and new friendships I made during this ultimate girl’s weekend. I highly recommend attending this annual Fairmont event.

 Have you ever been to a girl’s getaway?

*If you missed it, I wrote about details (and pricing) of this great getaway and other ones across Canada recently for

10 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s Annual PJs Party
  1. Terrie Mitchell on said:

    WOW, you certainly out did yourselves! Loved the whole weekend! Next time I’m getting in on the chocolate class though! LOL

  2. Kelly Romanchuk on said:

    My friends and I shared a table with now new friends and had a blast , I had a perma grin for a few days after and still smile remembering moments from such a “rad” weekend :):)

  3. Dawn Bijeau on said:

    That was the most fun I’ve had since my wedding.. You girls are the best women ever, one of the best experiences of my life

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