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Photo Essay: Cabo in ROYGBIV

When I visited Cabo in December I found a myriad of bright colours nearly everywhere I looked. From its turquoise waters to potted red Christmas poinsettias, the dull browns of the desert to the vibrant greens of the palms, eye candy colour is found with each glance.

Below is a roundup of photos featuring rainbow colours collected during my visit. As you will easily notice, many of these photos could represent multiple colour categories!



A red door outside of a real estate firm is a stand out on the streets of downtown San Jose del Cabo.


This colour rich fish print tapestry hangs in the San Jose del Cabo downtown market.


A pop of red in the very large dish I ordered (and ate w/the exception of the beef) at Restaurant Jazmin in San Jose del Cabo. It was incredibly delicious but WAY too much food for me (I still HAD to eat it all. It was just too good not to.)


A piece of ‘typical’ fabric. Brilliant.



Beautiful flora is a common site most everywhere in Cabo.


The view from our boat as we take in what I believe is called ”The Window’. This formation is part of the famous El Arco rock formations in Cabo San Lucas.


My orangey haired boy takes a gander at the fish below during our quick tour of Cabo San Lucas in our glass bottom boat.


A morning sunrise over the seas of Cabo San Lucas.



One of my cuties posing for a snapshot at our hotel. We stayed at Dreams Los Cabos because of it’s family friendly appeal. We enjoyed all of the amenities, especially the horseback riding on the beach. The kids would likely say they enjoyed the red slushies (virgin daiquiris) the most. I love the concrete is always painted in Mexico – especially when the colour is yellow – so bright!


An abundance of brights in this street art piece. They yellow pops the most to me. How about you?


A corner of the Restaurant Jazmin where I ate that incredibly large lunch! The whole restaurant was colour heavy and you were able to browse around and check out a whole bunch of art work that adorned the walls.


Ok, I am guessing at this one – thinking it’s a monarch butterfly feeding on a sort of dandelion flower. Feel free to correct me if either are wrong! So many butterflies …



Downtown San Jose del Cabo. The green on this building certainly help the architectural details sure stand out doesn’t it?


This photo was taken from inside the estuary area in San Jose del Cabo. Pretty dreamy spot for wintering birds! I often wonder why they don’t just stay there on permanent vacation.


One such wintering bird – a golden eye, enjoys a swim amongst the estuary green waters.


Leafy greens host brilliant orange, pink and purple (as you will later) flowers, and are a pit stop for these beautiful butterflies.



I would say this is the less photographed side of the very well known (and well photographed) El Arco (The Arch) rock formations. On the day of my boat excursion this side had lighting I could work with. El Arco is just beyond the equally famous Lover’s Beach – a great place for snorkelling, which I did and really enjoyed.


A view of the infinity pool at Dreams Los Cabos. We chose to stay at Dreams for it’s central location and ease as this was a family trip.


If you visit Mexico often you will come to notice these guys everywhere. This is a frigatebird; a sea bird also known as called Man of War birds or Pirate birds.


Like the turquoise waters to be found on it’s shores, the colour turquoise can be found all over. I loved these painted benches and pots found in downtown San Jose del Cabo. There were also pink ones. So inviting! Don’t you just want to sit down and enjoy a latte and pass the time slowly?


The line up for fish on the back of a boat is first come, first serve. The giant sea lions will actally hitch a ride on boats headed to and from the marina in Cabo San Lucas. Many times the fisherman will feed the leftover scraps to hungry water mongers.



The sunsets were incredible each night of our stay. And, each night they were different. This pinkish/purple hue made for a spectacular beach backdrop.


A close up of the delicate purple flowers that surrounded our hotel.


One more from Restaurant Jazmin. As you can see, the place was clearly inspiring and bursting with colour. These simple colour structures hung from the ceiling over top of where we enjoyed lunch. They would move with the wind and had a peaceful hush to them.

Question of the day
What colourful city have you visited?

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