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Wildlife Wednesday – Backyard visitors

Some days its too snowy or cold to go anywhere far to seek out wildlife. Or just treacherous. Last year while scouting snowy owls I managed to get really stuck in a snowdrift – on a gravel road – by myself. But you don’t have to go far to see wildlife, why not invite them to come to you?

I have a few a lot of feeders in my backyard. Currently, I feed about 70 birds a day and two families of squirrels. What can I say? It makes me happy. So therefore, today’s wildlife Wednesday is dedicated to some of my little (backyard) friends.


A house finch settled into a pine tree.


Fluffed up and trying to escape the wind, a cute little red pole.


Red pole in a pine tree.


The red breasted nuthatches always appreciate the peanuts I leave out.


A little beauty! Another red breasted nuthatch perches for a second planning its next move.


Probably 80% of my visitors are house sparrows. They sure are a hungry but loyal group!


They don’t seem to come by overly often but there is always food waiting for my downy woodpecker visitors.


And last but not least, one of five squirrels who frequent the yard. My squirrels are quite well kept with two squirrel only feeders. They seem to get along well with all the birds – or at least there are no visible issues.

Who comes to your backyard to visit?

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