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Photo Essay: Hiking Saskatchewan’s Wascana Trails

A former site for the 2005 Canada Games, the Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site features Wascana Trails, a well-known Saskatchewan hot spot for both hiking and mountain biking. This past weekend, I took advantage of the glorious weather and made my way out to the trails for a hike. Located a mere 8 kilometers or so northwest of Regina, its an easily accessible spot.

Wascana Trails view

Wascana Trails

I spent about an hour and a half and hiked just over 6 kilometers. As this was my first time hiking the area, I found it a good mix of easy pathways with spots that offered some decent challenges.

Jenn on bridge at Wascana Trails

Hillside hike at Wascana Trails

Three interconnecting trails feature beautiful views of picturesque Qu’Appelle Valley and Wascana Creek, winding through a mix of prairies, treed areas, coulees and hills.

  • Discotech: Single-track trail on the west side that runs parallel on the side of the valley among a heavily treed area.
  • Toilet Bowl: A very steep and twisty descent just south of the main parking lot.
  • Chicken Little: Hidden log drop off in the trees on the east side.

Wascana Creek at Wascana Trails

Wascana Trails hike

I took some time to celebrate my newfound happy hiking spot!

Jenns happy jump at Wascana Trails

With over 15 kilometers of trails, there is a suitable path system for all levels of walking and hiking. One thing to note however is that the trails are quite thin in some spots, especially along the black section.

The bottom of the valley offers slightly flatter terrain for beginners. Expect a variety of short (and sometimes steep) ascents and descents occur along the pathway along with gradual hills.

Hillside hike at Wascana Trails

View from above Wascana Trails

Wascana Creek at Wascana Trails 3

Hikers and mountain bikers may come across wildlife, such as deer, and the area is quite rich for bird watching. I spotted quite a few species including some eastern king birds and marsh wrens.

Since I am totally obsessed with Mapmyride, mapmyhike, et all, here’s a look at the route I followed. I didn’t quite make it through the whole black route, opting to head back as the heat was intense that day.

Jenn's mapmyhikeroute at Wascana Trails

Getting to Wascana Trails

Starting out from northwest Regina, take Highway #11 and turn at the Condie Nature Reserve exit (Exit A). Head west on 734, when you encounter a large curve in the road heading north take the gravel road straight ahead.  Follow the recreation site signs to the main parking lot.

Happy hiking! Or biking!

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    • Jenn Smith Nelson on said:

      I did! It was 30 degrees. Next time I will have to remember not to head out during the hottest part of the day. Yeesh. I hope you had a great hike as well!

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