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RIBZ Front Pack Product Review

I have never done a product review although I am asked to a lot. In fact numerous times a day usually. And for really strange things like most recently, waist slimming thing-a-ma-jigs. You name it, I have been asked. But, when I was asked to try out RIBZ Front Pack and write up a little review, I agreed.

Why? Simply because it seemed like a product that I could actually use. It’s a pack that can be worn with or without a backpack. Plus, the ability to access my essentials from the front appealed to me.

So for my first go with the pack, I loaded up my RIBZ Front Pack with my bird watching items and gave it a go. Lip balm, Afterbite and sunscreen, check. Bird book, check. Extra camera lens, check. Binoculars, check. iPhone, check! I was ready to go and with room to spare, which came in handy as I later added in some snacks and water.

So much fits into these two packs. I was so surprised!

The RIBZ Front Pack fits so much stuff! I had tons of room to spare.

All items fit easily within the pack and I especially liked the secure inner meshed in pockets. And with that I was ready. My trial ground was an urban park scape.

I found myself accessing the pack a lot and it was easy. Much easier than a backpack because I didn’t have to take it off, and many times I didn’t even have to stop. I really liked having a spot to quickly access and store my phone. I use it a lot for photos and never seem to have a secure (or water resistant) place for it beyond my pocket that I can easily pull from, so that was great!

I ended up really liking this product and found it perfect for an urban birding adventure. As an outdoor enthusiast I really could see it coming in handy in a variety of other ways. For instance, I could have used it last week when I went horseback riding.

It's great to be able to easily access and store items such as my iphone.

It’s great to be able to easily access and store items such as my iPhone from the RIBZ Front Pack.

I would recommend the RIBZ Front Pack. Here’s why I think this product is actually pretty cool.

  • Space – Lots of good usable space with secure areas.
  • Easy to access – Ability to grab items quickly without taking anything off.
  • Options – I like that you use it with or without a backpack.
  • Quality – It’s high grade nylon, lightweight, super durable and water resistant.
  • Comfort – Even on it’s own I found it to be quite comfortable.

Helpful hints:

  • Be sure to distribute the weight between both packs equally.
  • Ensure straps are tightened for a secure and more comfortable fit.
  • Put items that you access more often in the front of the packs.

If you are interested in trying out the RIBZ Front Pack – here is a link to the RIBZ front pack site. The pack retails for $64.95 and comes in four different colours.


* Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the RIBZ Front Pack for free from RIBZ as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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