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50 Shades of Hay

Yes it is true. I’ve had an affair and indeed, there is a new man in my life. He’s not my usual type – tall, dark and handsome. Rather, he is short, heavy and freckled. His name is Gus and he’s 17 years old.

Now don’t be so quick to judge me. 17 is like mid-life for Gus. Plus, I know I am not the first woman to fall for him. And hey, I am barely a cougar.

We met at La Reata Ranch last weekend. I knew instantly that we were going to be together. The first time he walked by I gave him a nice stroke on his rear and he came in closer for more. His skin was so soft. He was pretty much irresistible.

He was different than the rest and easily stood out from the crowd. His blond hair, light complexion and freckles immediately drew me in. Once we had some alone time together Gus didn’t disappoint. Before I climbed on top of him I asked if I could run my fingers through his hair. He didn’t say much so I went ahead and did it. It had a wild feel and I loved how the sun had bleached it. He seemed pretty cool with it.

He seemed to get me, and once on top of him he seemed to know just when I needed him to slow down and when I needed him to pick up the speed. He was gentle, kind and loving. I rode him for just over 5 hours.

At 5’2″ or 15.2 Hands, we had something in common, but really it ended there. At one point while leading him down the hill back to the ranch I was scared he might fall on me, 1150 pounds would crush me after all. Once we made it down the muddy slope he left me to hang out with his friends. You know how guys can be.

The one, the only Gus of La Reata Ranch

It’s crazy — I never thought I would have a love affair with an Appaloosa. But, Gus is truly exceptional. And anyone who really knows me understands that I have a place in my heart for all types, big and small, black, brown, blond or white.

Me and Gus at La Reata Ranch

Gus's muzzle La Reata Ranch

If you want to visit La Reata Ranch and ride Gus for yourself, I highly recommend it. This isn’t your average trail ride. And, Gus isn’t your average stud.

Beyond the highlight of meeting my dream stallion, this adventure had a lot to offer such as getting to know the staff and visitors of La Reata (especially George Gaber; owner/operator and certified cowboy!); being fed amazing home cooked food; exploring the beautiful coulees and hills of Southwest Saskatchewan while atop an amazing horse. I even had the opportunity to do some cattle herding!

Herding cows at La Reata Ranch

I really cannot wait to return to La Reata Ranch. One day of Gus, er, I mean of riding Gus certainly wasn’t enough.


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    • Favourite comment ever. Thank you Daniel.

      At the end of the day if I can share an experience where others learn something new, especially about travel within our province I have succeeded. I hope you have the opportunity to visit La Reata – I can only imagine how amazing your photos would be.


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