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Take some time to be a guest

Let me begin this post by saying wow! I cannot believe July is around the corner. June has gone by in the blink of an eye. If you are wondering where I have been, the answer would be, it feels like everywhere!

This past month has been the craziest, most busy month I think I have ever experienced. This is due to multiple factors of course such as family commitments (with kids sports eating up 4/5 weekdays for the past two months); traveling up, down and sideways across this beautiful province; two travel media conferences; multiple deadlines for print contract work and, oh yes, not to be forgotten my full-time day job. Phew.

Now although I have been busy please don’t mistake the above for blogging apathy or excuses. Let me explain why I haven’t posted here in awhile and why it has been a healthy thing.

Quite simply, I have gained perspective and learned more about myself and my writing. This came to me honestly through a variety of directional signs and a number of enlightened conversations.

My road to clarity began while attending two travel media conferences: the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) conference in Toronto and the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) conference in Saskatoon.

During TBEX I started to understand myself a bit better. What I mean by that is I really started to better understand where my focus needs to be with this blog. And, let me say I have a LOT of work to do. But, thankfully I know where I need to go. So expect some changes to this site in the near future. Some of this came to me through some of the professional development sessions which challenged me to define myself. But more so, it happened every time I gave my elevator pitch.

Who am I? What do I have to offer as a writer? What is my niche? How do people find me? Why would they? Although I was able to respond, (perhaps not so articulately) I did get to the point where I felt confident in my answers. This made me realize however that my online space needed to better reflect my newfound focus.

By the time I got to TMAC I felt was feeling more at ease with what I have to offer as a writer and blogger. And, when I returned home I was ready to get started on making some changes.

So anyhow, back to my blog absence. I decided to do some guest blogging on sites where I felt my stories would be a fit. Two sites I have recently contributed to are very different but they both complement one of my strongest niches, [family] adventure travel.

Here are links to my recent guest blog posts – please stick around the sites as they offer some amazing resources.

Whine-Free tripping? It can be done. Check out my guest post at GoGirlfriend to learn how.

Whine-Free road-tripping? It can be done. Check out my guest post at GoGirlfriend to learn how to steer clear of the crazies.

IMG_1300 Treetop Adventure Park – Cypress Hills

So why didn’t these stories appear on my blog? Well, honestly I feel like I can use the help of the larger networks that these sites have to offer. Exposure has never hurt anyone and it’s a bonus to be able to extend myself to new audiences. Plus, it really has been an honour to work with the very flexible team at and Julia Rosien of GoGirlfriend; who is proving to be an incredible mentor to me. I feel especially fortunate that both of these sites and the individuals behind them (who have great networks) want to publish my work.

My next guest post? I am happy to announce that I am the guest editor for PINK magazine’s July issue which is due out in about two weeks. Another opportunity I am thrilled to have.

So while I get things under order here, you may see some more of my work elsewhere. I know this isn’t the tradtional approach but for now I feel great about sharing my work on other sites. I promise to be back soon posting regular content on my blog, but for now I have some serious planning to do!

If you have been a guest blogger, let me hear from you – I would love to hear your view on the pros/cons! As well, if you are a blogger, writer or photographer and are looking to do a guest blog post that could fit within the content of my blog, let’s touch base!

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