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Tips for Travel and Happiness: Open your mind and your heart

Monthly tips dedicated to helping you find the happy in travel.

Be open-minded before you leave 

Before you even set out on the trip you have been dreaming of, do yourself a big favor — leave your expectations at home.

It is natural to daydream and fantasize about the destination you are headed to, but ensure you remain open-minded about the many uncertainties or joyful happenstances that can occur while you travel. Not only will you allow yourself to be open to new experiences, you will not feel let down by what you thought would happen during your trip, prior to leaving.

Being open-minded allows you to fully immerse yourself with the newness of place, people, sights and sounds. Trying foods you may not have ever thought you would, taking risk with adventures outside of your comfort zone, or simply learning the language and customs of locals will only enrich your travels. So instead of trying to have it all figured out before you leave, make a plan to welcome the surprises of travel.

Thanks to fellow traveler Deborah Chatterton for her words of wisdom in this regard: “Be open to spontaneity. Sometimes I pick roads at random and drive down them just to see what there is to find, and I’m seldom disappointed.”

‘Til next time, happy travels!

2 thoughts on “Tips for Travel and Happiness: Open your mind and your heart
  1. Snorkelling with belugas and singing beluga duets with you in Churchill, Manitoba, exceeded any expectations I would have ever had. (Even if I didn’t see a thing.) And who knew sharing a kayak in a whale-strewn river could be so fun?

  2. Jenn Smith Nelson on said:

    One of the best unexpected moments of my life. So glad they were with you. Here here to following guts, making lifelong friends and singing to belugas.

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