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What does happiness look like to you?

What does happiness look like to you?

Really I want to know. And I promise there is a reason for my inquiry …

Whether it be travel, time well spent with your family or an escape to the spa – what things make you happy? Please feel free to expand on your answers or list multiple responses, I really want to hear from you. Thanks!

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  1. Samantha Gillies on said:

    Jenn, things that make me happy…baby cows that are healthy – especially when they run up and down our hill kicking all four feet in the air! The success of my children makes me positively burst with happiness and pride. A cold beer, doesn’t even have to be on a hot day! Fishing, golfing and walks with my dogs. Thanks for asking this question…in the midst of a rather chaotic house right now, you’ve reminded me that I have much to be happy about!

  2. Hi Jenn! Hmm… your question made me think. It made me think deep. At first I would have answered something like, “Gerber Daisies! The first warm spring day after a harsh winter! Mounds of dark chocolate! Spending time with loved ones!”

    But TRUE happiness – that complete, gut-wrenching elation – is a bit different. So I asked myself another question, what’s my greatest fear? That’s easy for me to answer: I fear insignificance. NOW it was easier for me to figure out what truly made me happy: Significance.

    Now this seems slightly egotistical at first, “oh hey, this girl wants to be important!” but I see it differently. I want to have a purpose, to make a difference. And likewise, I want to make others feel the same significance. That makes me truly happy – when I stand in the shadows of St. Peter’s in Rome (a significant place) or am recognized for my hard work on the job (making a significant impact in my company) or taking my mom to a crepe-making class (making her feel significant in her/my life). It makes me feel like I have a purpose, it makes me feel like I made a difference, it makes me feel like I’m a part of something larger. It makes me feel significance and it makes me feel happy.

    Sorry for the long-winded response, but that’s what you get when you ask a thought-provoking question. 😉

    • What a remarkable response. Thank you Amanda for thinking so deeply about it and what a tremendously smart way to approach the question by reversing your thought process.

      Significance, impact, reason for being ~ are all inextricably tied to my happiness so I really relate with what you are saying.

      My site is about to take a turn over the next few months. My hope is for my words, actions, etc., to transcend travel and find happiness through ways that contribute to what I consider significant. So I am grateful to you and really appreciate your words. And, in fact your words have now got me thinking, even deeper.

      Lastly, I am so happy you stopped by because I am really enjoying reading your blog posts! Looking forward to following along on your next adventures,


  3. My pleasure, Jenn! And thank YOU for planting that seed of thought – now that is a remarkable thing to do, make someone think & question. I’m looking forward to following along and seeing what changes you’ll be making to your site. I’m sure you’ll be successful in your endeavors. I can’t wait to take the time to read more of your posts too!

  4. The feeling after trying anything new. When your nervousness disappears and you get that rush feeling of, ” I did it.”

    Conversations with strangers, running into old friends and chatting like time hasn’t passed, when your kids ( mine are step and we don’t get nearly enough time together.) run full speed into your arms and give you a giant hug, summer vacation, puppy kisses, getting hand written notes slipped to you.

    And an ice cold drink:)

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