Google+ Finding solace along prairie back roads | Travel & Happiness I by Jenn Smith Nelson

Finding solace along prairie back roads

I can almost feel it. The windows are down and my face meets with warm summer breeze, zipping down gravel back roads of the prairies.

Taking in the seemingly static landscape in its glory.

Fluffy white clouds slowly move in front of me, tall green grasses sway, and ducks, coots and sanderlings scatter along road side ponds as I pass.

It’s around this time I begin to feel it. Profound love for these simple surroundings.

It’s everything and nothing.

It’s stillness and calm.

Old buildings slowly falling to their fate dot the landscape. A thing of pure beauty.

I want to stop and explore each as I pass. I want to get closer.

Each one tells a story. Each had a life once upon a time.

An eyesore to some but to others, an antiquated reminder of prairie roots.

I patiently wait for the return of the colours. Then once again, I can stop and breathe to become one with the quiet surroundings.

Abandoned prairie home saskatchewan

Red barn Saskatchewan

Abandoned prairie building Saskatchewan

Abandoned prairie building Saskatchewan 2

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