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Wildlife Wednesday – Eagles of Northern Saskatchewan

This summer I checked a lot of birds off my life list which admittedly at this point is still relatively easy considering my status as a newish birder. Although I had seen bald eagles before, it didn’t get old when I saw around 10 or more during my visit to northern Saskatchewan this past summer.

Given that Saskatchewan has the world’s largest inland concentration of bald eagles, this wasn’t overly shocking. But, what was fantastic is that I got very lucky and spotted a golden eagle too.

(Click on the images for a much clearer view of these beautiful birds.)

Bald Eagle on tree

Bald Eagle Saskatchewan

Technical details:
Camera 7D, Lens 75-300 mm set at 280 mm, ISO 200, 6.3, 1/1,600 sec

Bald Eagle taking off

Bald Eagle Saskatchewan

Technical details:
Camera 7D, Lens 75-300 mm set at 260 mm, ISO 200, 6.3, 1/1,250 sec

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Saskatchewan

Technical details:
Camera 7D, Lens 75-300 mm set at 300 mm, ISO 200, f/9, 1/640 sec

Question of the day
Have you ever seen an eagle in the wild?

2 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Eagles of Northern Saskatchewan
  1. Ms. Boice on said:

    I STILL get excited when I see an eagle in the wild. I remember growing up and in grade school my teachers always talked about how the Bald Eagle was endangered, so even when I see one today–even though they’ve been taken off the endangered list–it takes my breath away. Around February we have a Bald Eagle Festival here in Utah. They come in for the carp that’s readily available to them and they’re all around. I’ve seen a gathering of 20 or so, hanging around on a semi-frozen lake.

    I’ve also seen a pair team up and try to take a duck during warmer weather. One will fly overhead a bunch of ducks and so the ducks, well, duck in the water, holding their breaths as long as they can. When they pop up, the other eagle will swoop down and snatch one.

    Clever, yes, but I’m still having issues with the whole food chain thing in the wild. I’ll never get used to it. (Enter violin music now.)

    • Lisa, I am soooo glad I am not the only one! I struggle with any animal death so the instance you mentioned above would be hard for me too!

      The festival in Utah sounds very cool – seeing 20 at one time would be pretty magical. I am hoping to make it to Squamish in January where I will be amongst even more bald eagles.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you!


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