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Wildlife Wednesday ~ Fox Spotting

Foxes always seem to come into my life at interesting times, especially when I am conflicted. So I did a little bit of digging into what the internet has to say about running into these sweet little souls and pulled something that stood out to me:

“When the fox appears in your life, it may indicate that you need to pay attention to people or circumstances that may be deceiving or tricking you into going down a path that does not necessarily serves you. This spirit animal may call you to be more discerning in relationships, whether it’s in business or friendships, or in choices you make for yourself.” ~ Borrowed from here.

I won’t go into detail as to why this hit home for me, at least not right now. But, I have had to make some really large life choices over the past month – ones that affected close relationships.

It may be crazy but do you ever think certain animals cross your path for a reason? I have always felt especially connected to foxes – for reasons unexplained. Maybe the fox is my spirit guide? Or maybe I am insane?

Is there an animal you feel that way about?

Fox Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

I spotted this gorgeous fox at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park last month – right before I made some major life changing decisions.

4 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday ~ Fox Spotting
  1. Not insane at all! I think it’s really special. My mom feels the same way about foxes too. There’s one she always sees in our neighborhood (I’ve never seen it before) and she’s been calling it her spirit animal. Actually – my entire family has a strange thing with dimes – for all of us they randomly appear in the strangest places and we think it’s a connection to my great grandmother (it started after we found a bunch of dimes randomly on her grave). I actually found one in Australia the day before I got engaged.

    Whether it has true significance or not, the fact that we choose to give animals or dimes meaning is a good reminder (I think) that little things matter, we all have inter-connectivity, and that we actually are on the right path.

    • Jenn Smith Nelson on said:

      Amanda – you just blew my mind with the dime thing. This started happening when my husband’s grandfather passed. His grandma could not find her wedding bands, and when her daughter visited a psychic months later, she told her that her mom wouldn’t find the rings but to watch for dimes from grandpa. And ever since, dimes have been everywhere – especially during stressful times (in the shower, on the end of our beds, even in shoes!). Grandma passed recently and during her interment we put all the found dimes in with her and grandpa.

      And you are so right, at the end of the day it’s about the pathway and feeling connected.

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